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European Federation of CybersSecurity Experts (EFCSE), tackling the big issue with a bigger policy solution

Over the last two decades, pressure has been squeezing in on the EU from outside movements and movers lobbying to bend EU policy towards their own interests.

Europe is where the big contract deals are signed, and with Brussels hosting 100% of negotiations on economic legislation, every big business from every sector of the economy is not just counting on their nation’s diplomatic envoys but also manoeuvring their own people into position in Europe’s decision-making mechanisms to get their own interests on the agenda and safeguard their future positions.

In today’s fast-changing environment, the ability to build a porous ecosystem seamlessly sensitive to emerging usership patterns may also prove a make-or-break asset in this competition.

Here, with the EFCSE, the idea is to mobilize Europe’s defining institutions and envision the standards that will redress the balance of power in international standards and offer compelling alternatives to organizations and governments as they seek new approaches for their independence on handling cyber security and digital society affairs, both across Europe and worldwide.

Our ambition: Facilitate adaptation to digital change and digital society

EFCSE has these self-set objectives:

The European Federation of Cyber Security Experts is also ready to engage in EU-initiated cooperation programmes reaching out to other geographies on these same challenges.