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EFCSE is structured in the association model ASBL, domiciled in Brussels. It regroups many actors from different sectors and areas of expertise.

The EFCSE governance is ensured by a circle of founding members and elected members, gathered around an active presidency appointed for 3 years.

EFCSE is organized around a permanent information watch and secure work methods; with thematic groups to carry out specific actions in the field of cyber security to feed and enrich the European strategic debates for digital independence.


The Federation is chaired by G2S / Group be-ys via its President Laurent CAREDDA


The founding members come from representative sectors, industry, large companies, mid-sized companies, SMEs, universities and regulated professions. Active members come from all sectors and all concerned by cybersecurity issues.

Founding Members

EFCSE General Secretary

Corinne FRANCE
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EFCSE is structured on operational level via the WORKING GROUPS, which pilot specific and thematic actions related to cybersecurity issues both at European level and worldwide.

These working groups and think tanks are mainly composed by:

Thanks to a collaborative approach integrating field stakeholders from all sectors, these WORKING GROUPS (WGs) feed and enrich the European strategic debates for the emergence of a digital independence.

The WGs on which the first events and actions are concentrated are as follows: ECONOMIC MODELS - Markets / economic governance, business development capacity; GOVERNANCE OF INFORMATION - Governance / sectoral, value creation; CYBERSECURITY: EDUCATION, TRAINING, COACHING, ACCOMPANYING AND AWARENESS; BLOCKCHAIN MODEL - RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT; EUROPEAN REGULATORY & LEGAL CONTEXT, STANDARD & LABELLIZATION - Economic intelligence - influence strategy ...