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Big challenges shaping digital lives today and tomorrow

Our Federation’s strategy:

Advocacy for EU-wide regulation and independence for cyber security and the digital society.

Strategy and approach of the federation

Created in Brussels on January 27, 2016, according associative model ASBL, following the European calendar of the new digital society, the EFCSE is the first federation of actors of European digital security. Its approach reflects the decisions taken for the reinforcement of the regulation and the European infrastructures for cybersecurity.

Organized around experts, innovative companies with predominantly European capital, SMEs, ETIs and public organizations, all strongly concerned by the importance of good information governance, the EFCSE proposes new technological and legal approaches, behavioral to contribute to the digital sovereignty of European citizens, businesses and institutions.

One of the EFCSE specificities is an operational focus approach connected to uses and behaviors, related to digital transition and evolution of the technologies and communication tools.

The EFCSE wishes to participate in a new definition of the rules of national sovereignty, the coordination of their communities, in order to facilitate the adaptation to the digital world evolutions, as well as new transnational commercial issues, while promoting the know-how experts and companies in cybersecurity, both at European level and worldwide.