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Big challenges shaping digital lives today and tomorrow

Our Federation’s strategy:

Advocacy for EU-wide regulation and independence for cyber security and the digital society.


The EFCSE was founded on the 27th of January 2016, in step with the EU agenda for the new digital society and the decisions taken to tighten up EU regulations and infrastructures for cyber security, making it the first federation of people engaged in the EU digital security arena. EFCSE is a Brussels-registered ASBL non-profit organization.

Organized around a backbone of experts and innovative SMEs dominantly held by EU equity, the EFCSE offers new tech, legal and behavioural approaches geared to building real digital sovereignty for Europe’s citizens, businesses and agencies.

What makes EFCSE different is that we tackle cyber security issues through usership—the use-patterns and behaviours behind advanced technologies.


EFCSE is federating Europe’s leading computer security experts, agents and providers into a representative body in a move to facilitate the creation of European standards protecting digital data structure, exchange and storage.

EFCSE intends to help redefine the rules of national sovereignty and the way they are coordinated community-wide, facilitate adaptation to digital change and the new opportunities and challenges in cross-border commerce, and all while mobilizing and engaging the key skillsets of experts and expertise-driven businesses in cyber security across Europe and the world over.